Steve developed his first project design in 1962 (a doghouse) when his grandparent's firm was concentrating on churches during the baby boom of the 1960's. In the 1970's Steve directed Cal Poly Universities' Pasadena Tournament of Roses float entries - from design, flower growing, and steel welding construction, to computer controlled animation and financing. In the 1980's Steve worked at several large architectural firms on high-rise office towers and hospitals. In Syracuse, New York Steve was director of design in an architectural firm and started his involvement with historic renovation. In 1987 Steve was drawn back to Pasadena to head up the Pasadena Marketplace development in Old Pasadena as project architect for a large firm. After full construction documents ($1 million fees), 13 months of city approvals and bidding ($25 million shell costs), the developer was broke. The project was sold to a new developer, with their own architect in San Francisco. In 1989 Steve moved his grandparents firm to Old Pasadena and became the local architect for the $27 million shell cost One Colorado Project.